Privilege Parties

About This Project

Privilege Parties is one of Edmonton's premier VIP consultants, providing the most bookings in the entire city. While boasting the most cost-effective and comprehensive packages available, they have become an integral part of the Edmonton event planning scene. But, it was time for a new website and some marketing expertise - enter Blue Zinc Media. 

As a comprehensive VIP consultation service, Privilege Parties wanted to express their party knowledge and expertise through their website, while maintaining a party-like atmosphere. With a unique and deliberate style, Blue Zinc Media was able to provide Privilege Parties with a website that exceeded their original specifications.

But the fun wasn't over yet. Blue Zinc Media also had the opportunity to provide some marketing services in the form of custom Google Adwords campaigns. Our team set up and maintained Privilege Parties' online advertising in order to improve their internet marketing efforts and were happy to help them achieve their marketing goals. 

  • Category: Marketing, Social Media, Development
  • Client: Privilege Parties

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