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How it worked for Daniel at Mindable

Daniel Matishak
Sherwood Park, Alberta

"From day one, we felt connected to their team. They truly care about our success and teach us more about our business and ourselves with every encounter. We are grateful to have partnered with them and are still seeing the results from the work they did and from the advice they provided to our team in their consultations."

How it worked for Daniel for his personal brand

Daniel Maguire
Model & Reality TV Star
British Columbia

"Doug helped me start my first website. They had all the insight and details to create something perfect for me. They have been very helpful whenever I needed to update it as well. Doug is very knowledgeable when it comes to websites, social media, and marketing. I would recommend his help in many areas. Thanks so much!!!"

How it worked for Ryan at Top Talent Staffing

Ryan Weeks
Orlando, Florida

"Doug is an ideas guy with knowledge and experience that support his ambitions. He seems to have limitless energy and always has time for you. His advice and knowledge in the areas of SEO and Marketing were extremely helpful to me in getting my start-up going. Doug and his team continue to be a valuable resource to me as our business grows and excels."

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