About This Project

Mindable's mission statement is “To be recognized as the global authority for the highest quality content and products in self-discovery and personal transformation.” Comprised of a team of relentless creative marketers, coding masters, and designers, totaling over 50 worldwide, we can confidently say that they are well on their way.

While they have many any-house specialists, they wanted an outside opinion on the state of their SEO. Being one of Blue Zinc Media's specialties, it was a natural fit and we got right to work. 

We began by evaluating Mindable's search engine friendliness and visibility with a full SEO Audit. Our SEO audits work to make a complex process simple. We start with a broad analysis, followed by a thorough evaluation, and finally, we determine where SEO efforts need to be prioritized.

We completed both an internal and external analysis so that we could provide Mindable with a better understanding of their share of the SEO market (external), while also identifying how well their website was optimized to obtain additional market shares (internal).

Over the course of the next few months, we were able to help optimize the Mindable website and improve search rankings, user-friendliness, and market share. 

The Blue Zinc Media team continues to work with Mindable, offering design insights, SEO consulting, and marketing suggestions. 

  • Category: Marketing, SEO
  • Client: Mindable

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