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Creating Connections

The Creative Concept

There is more to creative communication and marketing than just coming up with ideas, or we would all be good at it. Successful marketing requires constant innovation, adaptation, and the use of creative solutions that capture peoples attention, hearts, and minds. At Blue Zinc Media we focus on reaching the target audience that wants to do business with you and effectively engaging them.
Our creative concepts, at their core, achieve the goal of helping to define your brand and differentiate your message from the rest of the market. We help you create a connection that lasts through your shared media. 

Defining YOUR Personality

The Creative Approach

A great creative approach will help to define and support the core of your marketing message while reinforcing your brand's unique personality.
It is the foundation of your marketing strategy and will illustrate to your audience the mission and vision of your company. When done right, it will help to shape your audiences emotional response.
A strong emotional connection is incredibly important and your audience will be heavily influenced by how your message makes them feel.
The ultimate goal of your efforts should be to encourage a change in your target audiences’ behavior. You want them to act on a combination of both logic and emotion.
We always put the user first and focus on customer experience
Emotional Connection
We want your audience to connect with you on an emotional level
Brand Personality
We will convey your unique brand personality with a custom creative concept

Colour Outside The Lines

Set The Standard

Our creative process isn't just about coming up with ideas or creating art, it's about making a difference.
We color outside the lines, on purpose, and in doing so will deliver your message to the world with a picture that they would never have otherwise seen. We aren't scared to break the rules and help you set new standards.
Our goal throughout the creative process is to provide your customers with a deeper way of experiencing you.

Creative FAQ

Creative marketing is the constant innovation and utilization of creative solutions to help differentiate one's message, grab your audiences attention and effectively reach those who you are targeting.

Creative marketing is the act of turning new and imaginative digital solutions into reality. It involves both the process of thinking and the process of producing.

Basically, Creative Marketing is the ideas side of marketing.

Digital marketing is the process of marketing of products or services through the use of digital technologies.

The main technology used is still the Internet, but the discipline of digital marketing also extends to mobile phones, display advertising, and every other digital medium.

The ultimate goal of creative marketing is to get the right message delivered in the right way in order to reach your objective.

Eg. Your objective may be increased sales, increased website traffic, increased online visibility etc.

Digital marketing is basically anything that is online or web-based. For example social media, SEO, email, web design, PPC etc.

Traditional Marketing also referred to as Conventional Marketing, is considered to include all the offline marketing activities such as radio, tv, direct mail, print etc.

A Creative Marketing Strategy is a purposeful and strategic approach you take when developing and implementing the steps that will ensure and support your business’ growth.

Your Creative Marketing Strategy offers a simple strategy or set of strategies, a marketing calendar, an evaluation system, and an arsenal of tactics that give you complete control of your marketing.

A good plan will convey your company's vision and brand message to target markets, customers and employees alike. 

Absolutely, yes! You need to differentiate yourself from your competition.

You are unique and you need to use that uniqueness and differentiation to stand out in the crowded market.

Sure, you will probably use a few of the same tactics that your peers or competition are using in order to compete and capture your audience in the same market. But, if you use all the same tactics and strategies you will simply get lost in the crowd.

You need to use a creative marketing strategy to differentiate yourself.

You can have all the great ideas in the world, but if you don’t know where and how to use them, they won’t work.

Your creative marketing strategy needs to answer your “why”.  It is the driving force behind creating content, helping your audience and crushing your competition.

But, it is much deeper than that. Your creative marketing strategy is an outline of your fundamental business and customer needs.

And even deeper than that, it should lay out a detailed plan for how your creative content is going to address these needs.

While it might be hard to find any decisive outlines for building your creative marketing strategy, it should definitely include the following 5 components:

Your Marketing Business Plan: Outline your goals, the value your content will provide your target market and your business model.

Your Marketing Goals: Outline your reasons for creating content, what risks might be involved throughout the process, and what your goals are. Having a vision of what your success will look like is important.

Your Brand Message: Outline what messages and ideas you want to convey to your audience. Keep in mind, you want these messages to stand out and differ from the competition.

Your Ideal Customers’ Persona: Outline your target audience and ideal customer. Include their needs and even how their content engagement cycle may look.

Your Delivery Plan: Outline your objectives, processes, and criteria for the delivery of your content. It will be beneficial to outline what platforms or channels you plan to use and how you will connect them.

Your Obstacles and Opportunities: Take it a step further and outline the obstacles and opportunities you may face while executing your plan

Yes, it definitely does. There is a crazy amount of content being shared every day, and that is why creative marketing works.

Sure, not everything you do is going to be a big win, but any shortcomings might actually teach more than previous successes. So don’t be scared to take a risk every once and a while.

Regardless of your industry, you are in the business of providing solutions. You need to ensure that the person who needs your solution is interested in the content that you have to offer.

Make sure that you give, give, give to your customers. Providing them with high-quality content proves that you are a trustworthy source. People are influenced by trust, credible information, and loyalty. Establish these and you will see an incredible impact on your sales.

Understand your customer, know where they are, create engaging content to attract them, and show them that you are the solution to their problem.

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