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Creating The Narrative

Content That Matters

Content Marketing is ultimately about delivering the subject matter your audience is looking for, but more than that, it is about delivering it where they are looking for it.  How your brand creates, delivers, and manages content has everything to do with how your brand captivates and maintains its audience.

Responsible digital marketing starts with foundational data but uses it to tell a story. The shaping of this narrative ultimately leads to a message being shared with your audience of why your product or service will fit, why the existing market may be underdeveloped, and why your audience needs your product, service or brand.

Through the introduction of personalized content, a connection is formed with your audience, creating a focused relationship where your brand becomes a necessary part of life.

The Storyline

Meaningful Content

Effective digital marketing is based on the interpretation of data in a way that is easy for your audience to digest. At Blue Zinc Media we develop meaningful creative content in order to form a storyline that is accessible, practical, and sellable to your audience.

The process of creating and engaging your audience with creative content is ongoing, with adaptability and change being of the utmost importance. Be at the forefront of the content movement and offer your customers content they can't live without. 

Your Unique Story

You are different and your audience needs to hear your unique story

Real, Meaningful Data

We deliver creative content that tells a story based on real, foundational data


Captivate your audience and create a long-lasting bond with them

Be Consistent

Invest In Yourself

A good campaign is an investment. Earning an audience’s attention requires time, effort, and resources. It may be tempting to try and boost your ROI quickly by cramming multiple calls to action, keywords, or messages in, but staying consistent and keeping it simple will reap the most reward long term.

We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional and consistent content and we know it will build momentum and drive real results.

Content FAQ

Content Marketing focuses on providing valuable information that your target audience is genuinely interested in. The goal of content marketing is to provide your audience with something in order to create an organic relationship with them built on trust.

In the context or marketing, content is any valuable information shared with your target audience can be considered content. Blog articles, inforgraphics, articles, podcasts, eBooks, webinars etc.

Develop a clear plan and Content Marketing strategy for your campaign.

Based on your brand and target audience you will need to choose a message and a tone with which to deliver your message. Ensure that you maintain valuable and informative content that will engage your audience, but don’t be scared to tweak it as you see what works and what doesn’t.

100%, yes. You need to promote your content and drive traffic to your posts. Spend time promoting your content on Social Media and you will see increased interest and buzz around your brand.

Yes, Keywords are important for Content Marketing, but focus on writing for your audience, not a search engine.

Create content specifically for your target audience. Focus on your target audience’s interests, pain points and engage them to start a conversation. Content Marketing is about opening up the lines of communication and building a relationship with your audience.

Test, test, and test again. Every audience can be different, so create some long content and some short content and determine which is more successful and stick to that.

An engaging title may be all you have to convince your audience to read your content, so make sure it is informative and engaging. Promoting your content through Social Media and Email is also critical.

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