Donewell Property Services

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Donewell Property Services has been a staple of the Sherwood Park community for over a decade. Leading the way in landscape and design, lawn maintenance and snow removal, and dealing with both large and small-scale projects, Donewell has grown quickly.

Throughout the growing process, Donewell Property Services saw the value in online marketing and engaged Blue Zinc Media to set up and run their Google Adwords campaigns. Like with all our clients, we were not happy with a one-size-fits-all solution, and our team got to work creating a campaign tailored specifically to Donewell. 

With a watchful eye, our dedicated team of experts was able to provide excellent ROI very quickly by creating ad campaign groupings to include geography, device segmentation, and service type. We kept a close watch to make sure the ads were being displayed to the right people, and that Donewell was not paying too much for keywords that wouldn't offer them high returns.

Like many forms of marketing, creating and maintaining an AdWords campaign isn’t something that can simply be set up and left to run its course. Services like PPC and SEO are continuous processes that must be constantly maintained and updated in order to ensure a good ROI. Luckily, Donewell has a firm understanding of what it takes to run a solid marketing campaign.

We have, and continue to enjoy working with Donewell Property Services and always look forward to our next adventure. 

  • Category: Marketing
  • Client: Donewell Property Services

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