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Some of the best digital marketing agencies in the world offer 'comprehensive' services like Web Design, SEO, Content Production, PPC, Social Media Management and more.

But, a quick search on Google for the best-ranked agencies will show that many of them do not even mention an emphasis on your customer or include Analytics services.

At Blue Zinc Media we know that any digital marketing actions not founded on research, customer interaction, or hard data, can easily result in your advertising investment washing down the drain.

Cutting Out The Noise

Customer Focused

There is a lot of noise to cut through when it comes to digital marketing. Often, marketing firms don't have a problem gathering data from their digital efforts, but the real challenge is determining what's important and how to effectively respond to it.

At Blue Zinc Media we have found that the key is much simpler than you might think - Don't Forget The Customer!

While customer satisfaction may not be at the top of most marketing agencies minds (studies show only 30% consider it one of their top metrics) our team uses everything at its disposal to ensure that customer satisfaction and revenue growth go hand-in-hand.

Building Relationships

Build and develop personal relationships with your audience leading to increased brand loyalty

Targeted Audience

Highly customizable services allow you to target a very specific audience

Increased Traffic

Our tailored solutions are guaranteed to increase website traffic

Mapping Success

Real Service, Real Results

When engaging a firm to provide full suite digital marketing solutions, you should expect real results in new business development, quality lead generation, marketplace relevancy, competitive pace, audience growth, and even adherence to Canada's anti-spam legislation.

What is often forgotten through all this marketing-fog is the importance of customer journey mapping.

Using a custom-tailored mapping system, our team will see where your touch points can be improved upon and provide you with a view into the lives of your customers that isn't possible with traditional marketing firms. We will help you use this information to make smart decisions, increase customer loyalty, and provide crazy ROI.

Yes, our full suite digital marketing solutions combine our services into one amazing answer, but it's more than that. We will help you close the loop between traffic and revenue growth and maintain a focus on the numbers that really matter, instead of the numbers that may just look impressive.

We respect the power of your brand, the customer's voice, and always prioritize real, honest service with long-lasting results.

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Through research, innovation and dedication we promise to deliver the best Digital Media Services avaiable so you can connect with your customers in a way that will exceed all expectations.

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