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In a digitally-driven world with over 3 billion active email addresses, it's no secret that many people prefer digital communication.

Sometimes you may check your inboxes on a tablet or smartphone, while other times you may use your desktop or laptop. But no matter how you like to read, it's all about the content. 

Blue Zinc Media is dedicated to being a proven leader in content creation and engagement. We understand the power of communication and look forward to introducing new customers to your unique brand.

Bringing You Closer

Building Relationships

Blue Zinc Media crafts messages that resonate with your audience while sharing your unique brand story. 

Every message will deliver valuable information, provide solutions and engage your audience on a new level. 

Ultimately, your customers are the most important people you deal with on a daily basis, so we will show them you care, building stronger, deeper relationships than you ever thought possible. 

Content That Resonates

Deliver content that will resonate with your audience on a regular basis

Sharing Is Caring

We know you care about your customers, so make sure they do too

Providing Value

Keep giving your customers unique information that is valuable to them

Short And Sweet

Your Brand, Your Message

We follow a simple set of standards when it comes to email marketing - We deliver content your audience wants and we keep it Short, Snappy, and Memorable. 

We want to ensure that your best work is finding your customers' inboxes, while also providing them with useful, valuable information. 

Our goal is to turn your prospects into customers, customers into loyal customers, and loyal customers into brand ambassadors

Email Automation FAQ

Yes, email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways for a business to reach its customers directly. By sending something to each customers’ inbox you are communicating directly with them; even if they do not open the email they will see your company name.

You sure do, yes. Email Marketing still reaches 3 times more people than Twitter and Facebook combined. Posts on Social Media only reach a small segment of your followers and it is only a hope that people will see it. Emails are sent directly to your followers.

No, absolutely not. Growing your email list organically is the only way that will be truly beneficial to you. Purchased Email lists will not be high-quality leads, may be blocked by service providers as spam and will most likely contain very few people who are genuinely interested in your products, services or brand

Often when starting out the best way to build an email subscriber list to provide an incentive (e.g. an eBook, Webinar or coupon) to your audience for signing up. Get people excited and know that your list will be filled with people who are genuinely interested.

A newsletter format is not always the way to go as every company is structured differently and must cater to their target audience. It is important to send content, whether that be as a newsletter, an individual marketing message or a blog post. Every company must tailor their content to their unique audience.

Studies show that mornings and weekends are when the most emails are statistically opened, however, every audience is different and the best way to find out is to test and analyze.

By writing an engaging subject line. Your subject line is all they will see and it needs to sway them into opening your email.

Again, this will depend on your audience and you may need to do some testing. Keep in mind that it needs to be short and to the point, accurately portraying what the email is about while also engaging the reader so they want to know more.

Include a good call to action. People are most likely to do something when they are asked. By including a call to action you will increase your click-through rate.

A good call to action is short and clear. Keep it simple and spell out exactly what you want your audience to do.

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